Computer eye care
Nowadays, youngsters have to work extensively on computers. Problems which I have encountered in extensive computer users are
» Eye strain
» Redness of eyes
» Headache
» Dryness of eyes
» Frequent infections of eyes.
Indirect bad effects of computer due to lack of exercise and faulty diet and work stress
» Severe nutritional deficiency
» Cardiac problems due to high cholesterol
» Joint problems
» Diabetes
» Hypertension
» Nervousness
» Tiredness
» Acidity
None of the problem is actually created by computer and computer itself is harmless. It does not cause any permanent effect on eyes or body.
If few precautions are taken while using computer, one can have perfect eye and general health.
What care need to be taken while working on computer?
» Keep comfortable distance from screen, may be 15 to 20 inches
» Adjust the screen light, so that it matches the room light.
» Avoid the direct blow of a/c on face.
» Use proper number glasses.
» Persons above 40 yrs age may need progressive glasses, or separate special computer glasses.
» Blink frequently, cautiously as constant looking at computer can cause dryness of eyes.
» 20/20 rule − Look at the distance object for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes, which gives relaxation to eye muscles and prevent headaches and eye strain.
» Take a break of 5 min. from computer work after every hour of work if possible.
Having taken all these precaution meticulously, one should not get any eye problem.
If one keeps getting eye problems in spite of all this care, he/she should meet the ophthalmologist; get thorough eye examination and special counselling done.
We have special program of power point presentation for corporates in which we teach about taking care of eyes for computer users and it also includes specially designed exercises and diet tips for busy corporates.

Industrial Injuries
» Foreign body foreign bodies like iron particles or grinding stone particles can lodge on surface or can enter into the eyeball. So every foreign body in eyes has to be taken as emergency and sent to eye surgeon immediately.
» Acid or alkali entry in the eye this is a serious eye emergency and needs urgent referral to eye surgeon. But it also need urgent first aid.
» The eye should be thoroughly washed with normal saline for 15 to20 minutes till the transport to hospital is arranged. Patient should lie down while someone pours saline water in his eyes.
» If there is blunt trauma to the eye, it can later lead to cataract or retinal detachment. Hence needs earliest check up.
» Penetrating injury to the eye with bleeding through the eye requires urgent surgery. Patient need to be shifted to hospital. One can put the sterile eye pad on injured eye ball if available.
» Welding eye problems persons not using goggles while welding can develop sudden painful eye.Cold compresses may help till specialist treats.
The best way of dealing with eye injuries is to prevent it. As most of the eye injuries don’t get cured without causing permanent damage to eye, it is better to prevent them.
» Make safety goggles available and its use compulsory while working on high risk jobs.
» Educating the employee and motivating them for using safety measures can prevent accidents.
» Proper training is also must before allotting a risky job to new employee.

First aid box for eye emergency
» Normal saline bottle.
» Sterile eye pad
» Sticking plaster
It is better to not touch the eye before seeking the ophthalmologists help.