Charity work at Dr. Aphale’s Eye Hospital
We have a policy that we do the free cataract surgery for the patients who are yellow ration card - holder. Such surgery is done with same phaco technique, with equal care.
Leaders, social workers and NGO s can approach us for cataract detection camp. We can conduct cataract camp and operate on patients at discount.
Dr. Kshipra Aphale delivers public speech on various topics related to eye.
We have conducted many eye camps for general eye check up, diabetics and cataract in urban, rural and tribal areas.
Dr. Kshipra Aphale has delivered many public speeches on routine eye care, eye care for old people, cataract surgery, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, computer eye care, eye donation etc. on various platforms and her oratory is well appreciated.
Dr. Kshipra Aphale has also written many articles on eye care in English and Marathi which have been published in reputed news papers and magazines.