Why one should Choose DR. APHALE EYE HOSPITAL
» Dr Aphale has undergone special training in ethical private practice hence she is able to do successful private practice and grow, without compromising the ethics.
» We believe in quality than quantity, so we rarely entertain walk in patient unless it is emergency. So Dr Aphale is able to give sufficient time to each patient for check up, explaining the diagnosis and the treatment till the patient is satisfied.
» No unnecessary investigations are advised, because, with good experience and clinical judgement, it is possible to diagnose most of the eye diseases in clinic itself. Investigations are needed for support of diagnosis only.
» We have good, like minded superspecialist and when ever needed, we do refer the patient to them for second opinion or better treatment, in the best interest of patient.
» Straight forward medical opinion will be given.
» Homely environment, which makes even children and old people very comfortable.
» Very minimum waiting period in OPD, because of strict appointment system.
» Dr Kshipra Aphale personally checks every patient, and assistants are not relied upon.
» One patient and relatives at a time, so privacy and confidentiality is maintained.
» Patients are not circulated to various rooms and floors.
» Very straight forward and clear opinion and advice is given to the patient.
» Utmost care and transparency maintained before during and even after the operation.
» Minimal investigations are advised.
» All the patients are given Dr Aphales’ cell phone number and in case of any emergency, anxiety or doubt, Dr Aphale is available on phone.
» We know our limitations as a doctor and as a human being, so we don’t hesitate to take opinions of our colleagues or refer the case to suitable doctor, in time.
» Last but not the least, many very difficult and rare operations are performed successfully by Dr Aphale and many very difficult and chronic cases have been cured here, which have not been responding to earlier treatment.

Some of the examples, without disclosing the names of the patients, are
» Very hard cataract, removed successfully.
» Small, rigid pupil
» Cataract through hazy and opacified corneas.
» Complicated cataracts, etc.
» Chronic fungal infections of the eye.
» Postoperative infections.
» Viral infections of eye.
» Post-operative recurrent redness of the eye.
» Dry eyes.
» Bleeding in eye.
» Blurring of vision in young patients.
» Chronic headache.
Many such cases resistant to earlier treatment, have been completely cured at Dr Aphale’s eye hospital.